Harassment and Domestic Abuse Injunctions

These two injunctions are court orders against someone who has abused or harassed you which state that the person is ordered either not to abuse you or not to have contact with you.

Harassment could appear in the form of: stalking, threatened physical harm, and/or intimidation.

Domestic violence is a learned pattern of physical, verbal, sexual and/or emotional behaviors in which one person in a relationship uses force and intimidation to dominate or control the other person. The partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay or lesbian; living together, separated or dating. Domestic violence occurs in all ages, races, genders and social classes. The violence takes many forms and can happen all the time or once in a while. Examples of domestic violence include, but are not limited to, being hit, slapped, kicked, grabbed, thrown down to the ground, use of a weapon against you, sexual assault or abuse – by way of unwanted, forced sexual activity, making him/her do sexual things against his/her will, physically attacking the sexual parts of his/her body, etc.

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